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In Home Care – So how does this work?

We create single-family, residential living, for independent seniors and have the most affordable home care option available.

We provide a place to live, but it is our hope that family members will be actively involved and visit often, bringing additional purpose, joy and attention to their loved one, providing social events, outings and fun activities.

Affordable home care Austin

Affordable Home Care.

Option 1: We provide a home.

We matchmake 3 to 6 seniors who want independent style living in a regular single family residence. We find the demand and then co-ordinate the whole process, securing a rental property and contracting with a third party in-home care provider for in home services at a discounted rate since it is split between all residents. This is a cost effective solution to in-home ADL care. Each resident has a separate regular rental agreement with the house landlord and also a separate agreement with the home care provider. This method saves each resident approximately $3,000 per month or more.

Price includes all rent, groceries, meal prep, cleaning, cable, internet, phone, 8hr/6 day per week care services. These costs are split between all residents for this discounted rate. Additional hours of private personal care can be contracted directly with the care provider should a resident need more than is offered, or their health deteriorates over time.

Option 2: Stay in your own home!

We can create a residential independent living home out of your own house, so you don’t have to move. Again, we will quarter-back the logistics and find additional residents, so all living costs are now split and manage all the details for you. Retaining ownership of your home is possible, but we can also offer to buy it in the process. Either way we work to find the best solution without taking advantage of anyone. We understand everyone’s needs and desires are different and aim to create win-win scenarios for all involved.

This is an option if:

  • You have single story 4 bedroom house. (3 bedroom may work with double occupancy of the master bedroom).
  • Are willing to let others rent the other bedrooms and live with you.
  • Have a reasonably tidy, uncluttered house. (We can make minor repairs if needed).
  • Cannot afford the cost of living on your own and prefer to split the burden.

Home Care Provides a Helping Hand at Home

Caring for an aging parent or family member can be exhausting, difficult and lonely work – but you are not alone. Thousands of families seek quality senior care every year and find comfort and relief with licensed in-home care providers.

Affordable, Compassionate, Respected Choice

Our homes offer a compassionate and respected home care choice for family caregivers who want to keep their family members at home rather than choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility. From Live-In Care to short wellness visits–attentive, dependable caregivers can offer emotional care and quality of life to your loved ones and much needed respite care for you.