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Making a Difference!

I have spent my whole life serving people in one capacity or another. Even before I turned 20 I was working full time with homeless folks, before transitioning to teach inner-city children in Brooklyn, NY. I spent the next decade working with kids and youth in some of America’s poorest communities. After that I took on a different form of service in the shape of active duty military and served in the US Army. This only bolstered my passion for our countries Veterans and seeing them taken care of, especially in their old age. I was appalled at the cost of healthcare in this country and cannot believe how expensive life can be for our nations senior citizens.

best Home Care providerWhile I cannot change the system, I can perhaps offer an affordable option among all the others. That is where Lonestar Carehomes was born. It is a completely new and unique approach to Independent Living. Hopefully it provides a normalized family life in a residential setting. Why be forced to live in an institution if you don’t have to? Splitting the cost of care between several residents makes it an affordable option. I’m proud to think LoneStar CareHomes is the best home care provider for independent living in Texas. It is not the solution for everyone, but will definitely suit the tastes for some. For those that it works, we are happy and proud to serve you.