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Unlike others we don’t hide our care home pricing. In fact we are proud to show how affordable we can make it. The beauty of our system is that the more people living together sharing the cost, the more affordable it becomes. Bear in mind the average cost of in-home care alone is otherwise about $4,000 per month. Our prices include all living expenses as well as home care┬áservices. (Groceries, most meals prepped, basic cleaning, laundry, rent, electric, gas, water, sewer, property insurance, cable, phone, internet, & home care).

Rough Guide to our pricing (each property is unique):


Master Bedroom/Dual Occupancy

Monthly Cost:

$2,500* each occupant

Private Bedroom/Shared Bathroom $2,900
Master Bedroom/Single Occupancy $3,100
Master Bedroom/Married Couple $4,500** Thats only $2,250 each.

Feel free to research and compare independent living and care home pricing across the State with what we offer. There is no more affordable option than ours. We are not the same as all other locations. What others offer may be different. If they are a better fit for you, we have no problem referring you to them. We don’t have any interest in ‘selling’ anyone on one of our homes if it is not the right fit for them. We want happy residents who desire to live in residential homes with a small group of their peers. This is a great solution for some, but not for all. We acknowledge that and only want residents who wish to be here.